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Direct Access

OrthoRAPID accepts ALERTS from patients & their carers DIRECTLY

There are alternatives to waiting weeks to see your GP or hours in busy emergency departments just to get a referral

Access to OrthoRAPID is simple



Give us the heads-up.

The earlier we know about your injury, the more efficient your journey will be.

Click to alert us



Don't forget your medical referral to Dr Kolt.

Online telehealth providers are the quickest way to obtain your referral if you don't already have one.



OrthoRAPID will assist you to have the most appropriate imaging for your injury.


Radiology facilities are available in the region we service.



Our practice manager will contact you to arrange your initial consultation with secure payment options.


Radiology Locations

Medical Referral Options

You will need a medical referral to

Dr Jeremy Kolt

Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon

Provider Number 622268DH

Ask your doctor to send this electronically via "Medical Objects"

Your GP or emergency department or Urgent Care Clinic doctor can write a referral for you

If you need to consult OrthoRAPID urgently, there are options to obtain this referral TODAY


In person at IWC Bundaberg Urgent Care Clinic

184 Barolin Street, Bundaberg

Via a range of online telehealth providers

Via Metro North Health

Virtual Emergency Department


Clinic Fees

OrthoRAPID Alert / Phone Enquiry: No cost

Initial Visit: Bulk billed - if you are referred from IWC Bundaberg Urgent Care Clinic


$100 if you are referred from external to IWC Bundaberg Urgent Care Clinic - after Medicare rebate your out-of-pocket cost will be $18.70


Subsequent Visit: Bulk billed - if you were referred from IWC Bundaberg Urgent Care Clinic


All follow-up care after surgery will be bulk billed

Surgery Fees: We will check your health fund & level of cover

There may be an out-of-pocket cost (gap) payable to Dr Kolt and/or your anaesthetist

Uninsured Patients: Will be charged according to the Australian Medical Association fee schedule

Hospital Fees: There may be a hospital excess payable

Additional Costs: You may be charged by external providers for casts / boots / crutches / etc

Full financial consent is provided prior to surgery

Please note you do not require a medical referral to contact OrthoRAPID for an injury alert or phone enquiry

You do require a medical referral to claim the Medicare rebate for consultation or if you require surgery

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