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Direct Access

OrthoRAPID accepts ALERTS from all allied health practitioners DIRECTLY

Your patient no longer has to wait weeks to see their GP or hours in busy emergency departments just to get a referral to see a specialist

There are now flexible options & alternatives

Just like clinical handover, communication is key - your detailed letter is appreciated

Accessing OrthoRAPID is simple



Give us the heads-up.

The earlier we know about your patient's injury, the more efficient their journey will be.

Click to alert us



Assist your patient to obtain a medical referral to Dr Kolt.

IWC Urgent Care Clinic or online telehealth providers are the quickest options.



OrthoRAPID will assist you & your patient to have the most appropriate imaging.


Radiology facilities are available in the region we service.



Assist your patient to jump on our website to book their initial consultation with secure payment options.


Radiology Locations

Medical Referral Options

Your patient will need a medical referral to

Dr Jeremy Kolt

Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon

If you need your patient to consult OrthoRAPID urgently, there are options to obtain this referral TODAY


In person at IWC Bundaberg Urgent Care Clinic

184 Barolin Street, Bundaberg

Via a range of online telehealth providers

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