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Immediate Injury Care


Expert Assessment

& Care For All Ages

An Orthopaedic Surgeon

Private Allied Health

& Private Hospital

At Your Fingertips

Caring for Bundaberg, Rockhampton, Gladstone, Hervey Bay, Gympie, Emerald, Roma & Surrounding Areas


Injuries Don't Wait

So You Don't Need To

Anyone Can ALERT OrthoRAPID from Anywhere…ON-DEMAND, Directly… 

  • On your way to an emergency department

  • From an emergency department waiting room or IWC Urgent Care Clinic

  • If you have been sent home from emergency department & left wondering what is going to happen next or waiting more than a day for follow-up

  • From a hospital bed if you have already been admitted to a public hospital & waiting longer than expected for treatment

  • From your GP or physiotherapy clinic

  • From the sports ground

  • From school

  • From the workplace

  • From the kitchen, the garage, the shed, the farm, the beach, the skate park…



Injuries We Treat

All Injuries   All Body Parts   All Ages

Fractures (broken bones) or suspected fractures of: fingers, hand, wrist, forearm, arm, shoulder, collar bone (clavicle), hip, thigh (femur), knee, leg (tibia), ankle, foot & toes

Acute knee injuries, including ligament (ACL), meniscus & cartilage injuries

All hand injuries & lacerations

Ankle sprains

Muscle & tendon sprains & strains of all limb joints


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Injuries We Don't Treat

Any injury where there is a concern of head, spinal or abdominal injury​
Any patient who is having breathing difficulties or chest pain​

Nose, cheek & jaw fractures

Bargara Beach

Private On-Demand Care

OrthoRAPID takes ALERTS & referrals from

Injured persons or their relatives - DIRECTLY

Emergency departments and IWC Urgent Care Clinic - including doctors, nurses & triage staff​

General practitioners​

Physiotherapists & other allied health practitioners


Easy Access

Our service is just like calling a tow truck for your injured vehicle.  The process is very simple…

  1. ALERT OrthoRAPID that you or your family member or your patient are injured

  2. OrthoRAPID can co-ordinate a first aid & imaging plan

  3. Meet our surgeon for consultation & treatment plan

  4. OrthoRAPID can co-ordinate immediate non-surgical management or admission to a private hospital & prompt surgery if required


Fast & Efficient

OrthoRAPID is an alternative to long wait times in public hospital emergency departments, long waits to see the right specialist for your injury & follow-up in public fracture clinics

OrthoRAPID is your path to faster & expert care away from busy public hospitals

We are specialists in urgent orthopaedic care

Avoids crucial decisions for your healthcare being made by junior doctors or trainees

If you have an injury, contact OrthoRAPID as early as possible

We will arrange an immediate appointment


OrthoRAPID gives you direct access to a Specialist Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgeon

Direct access to on-site imaging department

Direct access to expert physiotherapy & allied health teams

Direct access to splinting & casting

Direct access to a private hospital & operating theatre

Your injury and recovery is important to us

Emergency Fracture Care

Emergency Care

Same day appointments.  Expert Care when YOU need it.  No referral required to call.

All Your Questions Answered

Instant Answers

Questions?  Speak with our knowledgeable, caring staff for instant answers to all your basic questions.

Treating You & Family With Care

Total Injury Care

Smart, hassle-free emergency, rehabilitative & preventive orthopaedic care ON-DEMAND all at one facility.


We Accept Most Health Funds

Including DVA & WorkCover

No Insurance?

No problem
We offer affordable self-funding options

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Meet The Team

Patient care is our number one goal

We make the process of accessing expert orthopaedic care at the time of injury convenient & rapid


ALERT us NOW to start your journey towards affordable, timely & efficient recovery